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13th January 2016
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The Heights School Location Consultation

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The Education Funding Authority’s information pack can be accessed at
The public meeting is on 25th March with the survey running from 30th March – 1st May.

Whilst primarily a decision for the parents and residents of Caversham Heights, as neighbouring community, it is an area many residents of Emmer Green are familiar with and use.

A small part of Emmer Green is within the catchment area of the Heights School. The eastern half of the Hemdean Valley (Bugs Bottom) is Emmer Green. We have one entry in the authorised document.

As stakeholders, we were asked to consider conditions and compromises that might go some way to offsetting adverse impacts, if after a democratic public consultation, this is the chosen site. See full statement here.

As stakeholders, together with all the other groups, we were also invited to comment upon all sites put forward for consideration. See full statement here.

Our role is not that of campaigner, but to inform our members as accurately and as fairly as possible so they may make an informed choice. We will not be making recommendations, but do support the Save Bugs Bottom Campaign, as that is the site which impacts most on Emmer Green. You can contact the group on The northern fringes of Emmer Green border the South Oxfordshire countryside and, although Farthingworth Green (Dyson’s Farm) in Oxfordshire borders Caversham Heights, there are concerns that any building on this important buffer zone of green space could set a precedent. More information can be found at

We recommend visiting each site if possible, but EGRA has prepared a series of photographs for each site, which are displayed below.

There is also a map of the school’s catchment area underneath the photographs.




The Heights Primary Statement January 2016