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1. Name

The name of the Association shall be Emmer Green Residents’ Association

2. Aim

The aim of the Association shall be to promote, uphold and protect the interests of residents in all matters affecting or likely to affect Emmer Green and its environment; to bring to the notice of relevant authorities or bodies matters which affect the interests of the residents and where applicable keep the membership informed; to support and promote social and benevolent activities for the general benefit of Emmer Green residents, and to fund raise in support of these activities as required.

The Association shall not be affiliated to any political party, and shall uphold equal opportunities. A member elected as a political representative to a Parish, Borough or County Council may not hold office or serve on an Association committee. If a conflict of interest should arise, a Committee member should declare this, and may be asked to take no part in the issue.

3. Membership and Subscription

Membership of the Association shall be open to any person aged 18 years or over who resides, has a business or has resided in Emmer Green and who has paid a subscription as required under these rules.

One membership subscription will qualify all members of one household for membership of the Association.

The annual subscription, collected as a five-year subscription, shall be such sums as agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Annual subscriptions will be due on 1 January for the ensuing year and are non-refundable. Any increase in the subscription will be subject to a decision of members at the AGM and shall apply from the following 1 January. Life membership shall be available at the discretion of the Committee.

Every member shall be entitled to:

• Seek the opinion of, or assistance of the Association in matters affecting him/her as a resident of Emmer Green. Such opinion shall be of a general nature and is not to be considered or construed as professional expertise and is not given in any legal or professional capacity.

Receive a copy of the Newsletter as and when published.

• Attend Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings and to submit proposals in accordance with the rules and to vote at such meetings.

4. Cessation of Membership

Any member whose subscription remains unpaid at the end of a three-month period after the due date shall be deemed to have terminated his/her (the household) membership of the Association.

Any member who uses the Association’s name to further their own or any other person’s, association’s or organisation’s interests shall be deemed to be in breach of the Association’s rules and will forfeit membership. In exceptional circumstances the Committee shall have the discretion to rescind membership.

5. Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held for a date as close to 1st April as is practical. Notification of the date and place of the AGM will be given to all members 3 weeks in advance of the AGM.

The meeting shall be to:

• receive reports from the Officers of the Committee.

• appoint Officers of the Committee and elect members of the Committee, nominee, nominator and seconder must be given to the Secretary in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

• receive the Annual Accounts and to appoint the Honorary Auditors.

• consider and resolve any motions and/or proposals of which notice has been given to the Secretary in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

Any proposal for an alteration to the rules of the Association must be notified to the Secretary not less than 1 calendar month before the AGM. Such amendments shall be circulated to the membership at the AGM at which meeting the proposal will be put to the meeting for adoption, a majority of 2/3rd of the attendees being in favour is required to adopt the motion.

The Chairman of the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be the Chairman of the Committee, or a delegated person appointed by the Committee, who will have a casting vote. In the event of a dispute arising, the decision of the Chairman shall be final.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time to consider specific business at the request of 12 members with at least 14 days’ notice in writing to the Secretary. No other business shall be conducted at such a meeting.

6. Administration

• Any member, having expressed a willingness to carry out an executive task, shall be eligible for election to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) next following the first anniversary of membership.

• The Committee shall consist of up to eight elected members and up to three co-opted members.

• The Committee shall appoint from among its own number of elected members and may remove all Officers of the Association. The Committee shall elect all other executive officeholders from among its number.

• The Committee shall meet at such intervals as it shall determine but the determination shall not be such that more than twelve weeks will have passed between meetings.

• The proceedings at a Committee Meeting shall be valid if more than half the members are present and one of the member’s present is an Executive of the Association.

• Membership of the Committee shall be forfeited, at the discretion of the Committee, if a member misses more than three consecutive Committee Meetings.

• Members of the Committee, must declare a conflict of interest, therefore not representing the Association where they have another interest be it personal or financial. In this instance, they cannot represent the Association.

• The Committee shall ensure that the agenda for the AGM has regard to items requested by members of the Association.

• The Committee, having received the advice of the Treasurer, shall set the amount and frequency of the membership subscription. This will be reported to the membership at the AGM.

7. Officers of the Association

The Officers of the Association shall be the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be jointly and severally responsible for upholding the Constitution of the Association and may assume the duties of the Committee if the Committee should disband, fail or refuse to carry on the business of the Association.

8. The Chair

• Any member appointed to the Chair shall vacate that Office at the end of three years, or when retirement from the Committee is due, whichever is the earlier. The outgoing Chair, if otherwise eligible, may be re-appointed to that Office but such re-appointment shall be subject to ratification by the membership at the next following AGM.

• The Chair shall be the chief spokesperson for the Association in stating or interpreting Association policy.

• When the Committee cannot be convened and decisions must be made, the Chair shall exercise decision-making authority on behalf of the Committee.

• In dealings with other bodies and organisations, the Chair shall be the representative of the Association. The Chair may delegate this duty to any other member of the Committee, or, but only with the approval of the Committee, to a member of the Association who is not a member of the Committee.

• The Chair shall deliver to the members in AGM a report of the activities of the Association

• The Committee shall promote membership of the Association

• The Chair shall chair the AGM, any Extraordinary Meeting (EGM) of the Association and Committee meetings. This duty may be delegated to a Vice-Chair or, if there is no Vice-Chair, to any other Committee member.

9. The Secretary

• The Secretary shall keep safe and available, for seven years, the Minutes of Committee meetings and of the AGM and any EGM.

• The Secretary shall receive and deliver all formal Notices on behalf of the Association.

• The Secretary shall conduct elections provided for in the Constitution.

• The Secretary shall communicate with members and others in accordance with the instructions of the Committee.

10. The Treasurer

• The Treasurer shall arrange for the proper and safe custody of the Association's funds.

• The Treasurer shall diligently maintain the financial books and records of the Association.

• The Treasurer shall deliver a report to the members in AGM and prepare annual accounts of the Association for independent audit prior to presentation to the AGM for adoption.

• In the absence of the Treasurer appointed, the Committee shall appoint any member of the Association to act as Treasurer, such member to hold that office until an appointment can be made.

11. Dissolution

In the event that the Emmer Green Residents Association ceases to operate, after discharging all debts and liabilities of the Association the remaining assets will not be paid or distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation of a charitable nature and having similar objectives to those of the Association.