This page was last changed on
2nd September 2020
by Steve Harcourt

Reading Golf Club Proposal 2020

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On this site you will see a number of documents including minutes which outline EGRA communications with RGC and their partners. Please review these documents to view the questions we have asked and the information which we have been provided with so that we can be ready to consult with you, our Members

Last updated - EGRA Committee - 10th August 2020         ** Please check back regularly as we add more up-to-date information **

Link to RGC Future website
( RGC Future website )

Minutes from Feb 2019 meeting (* in progress *)
Minutes from July 2020 meeting (* in progress *)
Presentation from July 2020 meeting - likely to be updated before submitting to RBC Planners ( RGC 8th July 2020 presentation )
Planning Response Advice page - material vs non-material considerations ======> ( Material planning objections )

** Results from August 2020 EGRA Membership survey / consultation
(*2nd Sept - RESULT ==> 154 against the planning proposal + 10 in support*)

--- EGRA membership have indicated a majority opinion AGAINST the RGC planning proposal and EGRA will now represent this opinion ---

**Next steps and Notes from EGRA
(1) EGRA building a collective response to each of the key topics from Survey responses + submit to RBC Planning website
(2) The date for submissions to the RBC website has been extended to 25th September
(3) We encourage all EGRA members and residents to submit their own responses to RBC planning, and EGRA will submit a collective response