Minutes of Committee Meeting
Winter 2010/11

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Wednesday 1st December 2010

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Jenny Leach, Barry Prior, Vera Bodman, Carol Gibson and Jane Handley.

1. Apologies Jill Verran. Bill Harper and Cathi Edwards.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Wednesday 22nd September 2010) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Committee Roles and Recruitment
While it is agreed that the committee had enough people to tick over, it was important to recruit new members to share the responsibilities and to bring new ideas and views.
There had been no response from the newsletter appeal. Committee agreed to speak to people when they could, as this would show the informality. It was thought that some residents may be reticent about coming forward, if they thought that they would feel uncomfortable.

Highdown School
History pages to be incorporated into website.
There was no change at present.

Police Museum Visit
Booked for March 17, 2011 at 10.15am. (leaving 9am) There will be a maximum of 25 places and 11 have been booked already.

Tree Replacement in Park
This project has been started and already is looking good. Committee were hopeful for the survival of the new trees.

Budgen’s Car Park and Precinct Green
MO had a conversation with Wolfe Properties about the car park surfaces and lighting. They promised a review. She also sent a letter, but to date had not had a response. Steve Bell, secretary of the Caversham Park Village Association suggested we work together on matters of mutual interest and this could be one of them. There were however, trees being planted on the green.

Clayfield Copse Wood Carvings
BP/JL told the committee that Peter Ambrose, the carver, informed them that the timber was being dried in preparation for carving. RBC have agreed to supply posts at the site. The project was moving forward and the Friends of Clayfield Copse were about to review the site. It was agreed that a donation should be made to the carvers.
Committee discussed the possibility of another carving commission in another location. This could possibility tie in with the Queen’s Anniversary Celebration in 2012.

School Parking on Green
Re. Installation of railings and bollards. No date has been arranged but trees will go in first.

Notice Board Tidy
Last arrangement was cancelled as there were not enough volunteers. JV will arrange a new date and time, possibly in the Spring.

Winter Newsletter
MO said that the new printing had proved to be very good. It was felt that we needed to “spread the word” and so Budgens and other places would be approached to have them on display and also the doctor’s surgery.

Chris Aldridge of Truefood has agreed to speak.
Minister Colin Galt has said that we may have the hall for our meeting on
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 8.00pm.

Planning applications have been submitted for Kiln Cottages. No residents have come forward to make enquiries.

BH asked MO to submit the Treasurer’s Report. The report was circulated and accepted by the committee.


Neighbourhood Action Group
CG reported that only 8 people attended the NAG meeting on November 16, 2010. Crime figures are down. Some firework incidents reported. Campaign with shopkeepers re. Alcohol issues. Speedwatch put on hold. Security leaflets to be distributed to householders. Still commitment from community police re. Graffiti, petty crime, anti-social behaviour etc. Next meeting January 18, 2011.

North Reading Youth Project
MO e-mailed re. Youth Achievement Awards. Sending details.


CADRA celebrations
100 years in Berkshire. We should consider taking part in a small way.

Tree Warden Scheme
People should be encouraged to look after the trees in their own area.

CADRA Transport meeting
Helen Lambert Chair of CADRA had invited a few EGRA members to attend. The meeting is on January 26, 2011.

Carol was presented with a card and gift, in gratitude for her help and support to EGRA over the years. Committee wished her well on behalf of all residents.

7.30pm – 35 Kiln Road – Thursday, March 24, 2011