Minutes of Committee Meeting
Autumn 2010

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7:30pm Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Bill Harper, Jill Verran, Jenny Leach, Cathi Edwards, Jane Handley, Carol Gibson.

1. Apologies Barry Prior and Vera Bodman.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Wednesday 9th June 2010) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Committee Roles and LongTerm Recruitment
JH will take over from CG as Minute Secretary as CG will be leaving Reading. No success yet in finding new members from different age groups to understudy and then take over from long-standing officers. Meeting times could be altered to suit current committee. JL will make notes for recruitment email. BH will mention in article in Church newsletter.

No 24/28 Bus Route / Shelters
Request to divert 28 bus along Grove Road to take in surgery turned down. In school holidays an extra bus will run in the afternoon. Most of the shelters are now in place.

Highdown School can no longer host Emmer Green History website as their host company has changed. The file has been passed to EGRA.

Proposed Police Museum Visit
BH will book weekday date towards end of March and it will then be advertised.

St Barnabas Garden Party
EGRA stall aroused interest and raised £34 ( more than last year). Local cards and bookmarks were popular.

Playground Situation
Things quietened down: less anti-social behaviour.

MO will check to see if plan to landscape play area and park will still go ahead. Councillor Mark Ralph has asked where else trees needed. Dave Kenny of Caversham Globe, who has a tree nursery, is keen to be involved.

Caversham Car Park and Precinct Green
Landowners have not repaired potholes, lights etc as requested. The Green could have more trees replaced.

Clayfield Copse Wood Carvings
BP will meet Anne Latto, Friends of Clayfield Copse and woodcarvers on 26 September. May use oak from felled tree if suitable.

School Parking on Green
RBC has secured grant to pay for railings and bollards, after trees planted.

Cedar at Rosehill Park
MO has not received reply to letter to resident who heads committee. Will need their support.

Highdown School Annual Prize
BP presented 2 annual prizes, each of £25, and made short speech. Originally the prizes were to be given for 5 years. If extended, could be emphasised that these should be awarded for support of local community rather than for help in school.

Hill School Visit
Did not take place. Will wait to be contacted further. Would be useful if more local residents could be involved.

Emmer Green School Wildlife Garden
CE will remind school about community access.

Notice Board
Bryan Verran has mended frame. Work party at 10.am on 9 October will remove notices and staples and clean up. JV will email those who work on board and remind to date notices.

No news.


BH reported increased subscriptions. Seat refurbishment complete. Over £3,000 in bank. JV reported difficulty in collecting outstanding subs from hardcore debtors, in spite of regular reminders. 7 unpaid from 2009, 12 from 2010. BH will contact Mr Warren for subs; JV will contact Mrs Durrant. In future there will be no further chasing after the 4 reminders: those debtors will then be written off. Membership forms will be available when work party meet on 9 October.


Neighbourhood Action Group met on 21 September. Some changes in Neighbourhood Police: sheet of photos to go on noticeboard outside Budgens. Public can contact PC Mike Campbell-Mongomery on 08458 505 505 about any problems in EG area. Community Speedwatch held in September on section of Woodcote Road. Another in October. Also door-to-door speeding survey, which confirmed that local residents feel that speeding is a major problem in that area. Statistics of burglaries over 6 months given. NAG will draw up leaflet to remind householders how to protect their property. Rogue traders who come cold calling are being targeted by RBC Trading Standards; and should be reported to Consumer Direct on 0845 4 04 05 06. NAG is looking for new Chairman as present one unable to continue in post. CG will attend next meeting on 16 November.

North Reading Youth Project
No information yet from Tara Taylor.

Age Concern 50++
No committee member present on 13 September, but outside feedback suggested it was a good well attended meeting


i Will use Letter Works to print WINTER NEWSLETTER. Quoted £50 for 250 copies, including printing and folding.

ii SPEAKER FOR 2011 AGM - likely to appeal to wider audience: couple who run True Food Co-op suggested.

iii GRASS VERGES damaged by gas company, including glass shards outside golf club. RBC will be meeting with the contactors to discuss things.

7.30pm Wednesday 1 December at Jenny Leach 15 Burnham Rise