Minutes of Committee Meeting
Summer 2010

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7:30pm Wednesday 9th June 2010

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Barry Prior, Bill Harper, Vera Bodman, Jill Verran, Carol Gibson, Jenny Leach and guests Jane and Eddie Handley.

1. Apologies Cathi Edwards.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Wednesday 10th March 2010) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Committee Vacancies and Long-term Recruitment
Will need to focus on this issue in the next few months as JV wishes to relinquish her role as Membership Secretary and CG will be leaving the area by the end of 2010. Jane and Eddie Handley were welcomed to the meeting.

No. 24/28 Bus Route / Transport Meeting
No. 28 doesn't replace 24 as it runs only 4 times a day. Suggestion that it should run along Grove Road and turn into Evesham to rejoin the Peppard Road at the roundabout will be discussed by bus co but unlikely to change. Bus shelters have been taken down by old contractors before new contractors appointed.

Ice and Snow
Pat Baxter of Reading Transport spoke on this topic at AGM. Arrangements made for future extreme conditions. Grit bins will be replaced in the winter.

Jefferson Close path designated as public footpath. Chiltern Road footpath remains open.

Highdown School
Hosted history pages on EGRA website for 10 years. Link now dropped. Will be chased up by BP. Could be hosted by EGRA website.

EGRA 25th Anniversary Webpages
Have been assembled: on webmaster's 'to do' list.

Thanks to all those who helped on the day and to Bob Cruickshank and Diana Hartrup who organised refreshments and gifts. Donation to church made of £30.

Tradesmen's List 2010
Will be ready for next newsletter distribution at end of June, but this is the last time Bob Cruikshank he does it. JH offered to help out here.

Proposed Police Museum Visit
No enquiries received so BP will make provisional dates, possibly in school holidays, and then adverise by email. Will need to share transport.

Disruption of Kidmore End Road while gas pipes laid.
Not everyone has noticed that there is a one-way system.

St Barnabas Garden Party on 10 July
Scarecrow theme.
MO will ask if CE can find help. BP will liaise with CE re gazebo. EGRA will sell cards at reduced price: all proceeds to church.

New high quality, well-designed equipment popular with children, offering opportunities for a variety of play; but problems of litter, and teenage noise and bad language late at night disturbing local residents. Meeting held with Parks Manager and Police Community Safety Team on 8 June. Suggested signs saying facilities for children up to 16 years, no smoking, alcohol etc. Police will talk about behaviour at Highdown School and patrol park from time to time. Residents in the vicinity will be asked to keep diaries so police can see extent of problem.

Trees Replacement in Park
8 oak trees to be planted in autumn; rowan and hawthorn in playground area. Border of daffodils near hedges and possible wildlife area.

Clayfield Copse Wood Carvings
BP contacted Peter Ambrose, who will check on suitability of timber available. Friends of CC haven't yet come to decision about signs and bases.

Two repaired; plaques to hand stating refurbished by EGRA, to be attached by Bryan Verran. Seat moved to near shops.

School Parking on Green
Awaiting response from RBC. Legally cannot stop parking on verge. After a year of corresponding with Highways, it had been decided it was the responsibility of housing and/or safety. MO contacted all concerned parties including local councillors. ( Safety Officer needs statistics of accidents).

Caversham Court
13 people attended a walk led by Anne Latto.

True Food Shop
Launch Party on 15 May was well-attended.

In credit. Insurance paid. Donation of £30 to Friends of Caversham Court. £50 for brass plaques. 115 more subscriptions received this year already.


Neighbourhood Action Group: CG and VB attended meetings on 23 March and 18 May. A presentation from the Neighbourhood Policing unit went through procedures necessary for problem solving. A map pinpointing burglaries in Caversham showed 150 households affected out of 1500. Discussion on how to protect against theft. CG will attend next meeting on 20 July.

North Reading Youth Project: focus on new buildings. Consultation on 16 June at EG Commununity Centre concerning alterations.

Age Concern 50++:next meeting 13 September.


Tree Felling
Old diseased Cedar of Lebanon at Rosehill Park will be felled. Will monitor situation as council has obligation to replace tree. Limes pollarded at St Barnabas Church as danger of branches falling into school grounds.

Highdown School Annual Prize
BP will attend on Prize Day in July and present prizes: 2 at £25 each.

Visit to Hill School
On 21 June - BH and JL

Tidy Up of Noticeboard
Remove staples etc. JV will oganise group in September. BP will help. Date to be discussed at next meeting.

Clamping in shops car park
eg in Disabled bay where marking illegible and no notice displayed. MO contacted owners and asked for clearer markings and reinstatement of street lighting.

Bluebell Court
Given information about EGRA by VB.

South Oxfordshire Council's Development Framework
Now withdrawn until heard from Minister of Local Government.

Drinking fountain
Facts and figures to be obtained by JL.

22 September 19.30hrs at CG: 10 Chiltern Court