Minutes of Committee Meeting
Spring 2010

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7:30pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Barry Prior, Bill Harper, Jill Verran, Cathi Edwards, Jenny Leach, Carol Gibson.

1. Apologies Vera Bodman.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Tuesday 19th January 2010) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Committee Vacancies and Long-term Recruitment
Bert Neo was welcomed as an observer and possible committee member. More committee members need to be found to share work and roles.

No 24 Bus Route
Thanks to JV for leafleting members. A new southbound Peppard Road bus stop at the top end of Courtenay Drive has been proposed and will be reviewed by RBC and Reading Buses. Age Concern Transport Meeting on 8 April; BP will attend. WI and Townswomen's Guild alerted; should also inform residents in the area.

Ice and Snow
Two grit bin locations have already been requested, and these are on the Council list. One on Courtenay Drive and possibly one on Kidmore End Road at the borough boundary, are also needed. There is a bin already near the intersection of Crawshay Drive and Greenleas Avenue. Premier bus routes will remain top priority on gritting programme.

Jefferson Close footpath hearing on 20 April. BP will attend. Hicks have appealed against RBC's insistence on their building 6 instead of 4 houses.
Chiltern Road footpath: 50% of local residents answered the survey and 50% of those were in favour of closure. Likely to remain open. Hearing on 25 March.
Local Development Framework (areas to be built on in next 10-15 years) : our nearest is the former mobile home park off Lowfield Road.

Highdown School
EGRA display boards kept in History Department. Contact is Richard Cornish, Head of History.

28 April 2010 at 8pm at The Grace Church. Speakers, to talk about changes at the station, will be Tony Walker or Paul Newman from Network Rail and Pat Baxter from RBC. MO waiting to hear what equipment required. Chairman's Report will be sent to printer by 18 March, after being circulated to committee. JV will advise on number of copies of previous Minutes required to hand out at the meeting. Will also be on website.

Caversham Court
14 May 2010 at 7pm. Organised by MO. Will take bookings for Head Gardener's tours (15 people on each of two, if necessary.)

Awaiting news from RBC of replacement trees for park. Tree Policy form available from Library, with section to send in comments.

Clayfield Copse Wood Carvings
Preferably oak or sycamore. BP will see if Friends of CC may have some oak available. Carvings may be mounted on concrete bases so don't rot, and to deter vandalism. BP has spoken to Peter Ambrose about the problem of storage for timber and place to do carvings.

Either side of sign near pond. Wood ordered, with certificate of sustainable source. Metalwork needs repair. Part of one frame has cracked: Council will have to inspect. BP and BH will see to painting and oiling.
Council will have to move seat by shops; MO has chased.

Few support the idea of a drinking fountain. JL has met with landscape architect and RBC: dragon rejected as impractical. Requirements for playground equipment were noted. It is hoped also to create wood carvings using local craftsmen, to which EGRA and local organisations may contribute.

£ 284 collected in subs; adequate balance in bank. Subs cover normal running expenses. Membership now over 500. Insurance with Zurich £150 last year: lower than all new quotes received. Covers committee members and volunteers; unlimited meetings. BP will confirm details.


Neighbourhood Action Group
Good attendance. Two separate NAGS. Inspector Mackenzie will chair for short period until Chairman and Vice Chairman found from local residents. Information on police initiatives on Thames Valley Police website.
Local problems: Road Traffic Offences, Burglary, Criminal Damage and Environmental Concerns, will be discussed by Upper Caversham NAG. Next meeting 23 March 2010. CE will attend.

North Reading Youth Project
Chiltern Court residents met with RBC representatives and architects to discuss new car park on CC boundary.
MO attended NRYP AGM. EGRA involvement appreciated. TT is EGRA representative. Tina Heaford has 2 staff, increasing to 3 in April. Working with PCSO John Hendry to talk to young people on the street. Highdown School also involved. EG Youth Club 2 nights a week; will increase to 3.

Age Concern 50++
VB and BH attended. Large audience. Speakers on a variety of subjects including Parish Centre, U3A, adult abuse, stroke info and buddy scheme.


True Food Co-op
Shop opened daily in E G, selling organic produce and Fair Trade groceries. Sending out leaflets.

Late evening gatherings and noise. CE will raise issue at NAG. Suggestions of streetwarden or PCSO patrols.

Lollipop people for school crossings
Schools must advertise for suitable candidates before eligible for RBC funding. CE will contact Annette Hendry, school governor.

BP recorded Jazz Band performance at Purley. To go on website as backing for 2 minute film.

Traffic Disruption
On Kidmore End Road while gas pipes laid. JV circulated local residents. One way system while work in progress, 8 weeks from April; southbound exit via Courtenay Drive.

St Barnabas Garden Party
10 July 2010. Stall-holders dress as scarecrows. CE offered to help.

EGRA current news
Printed out from website by relative for Lyefield Court residents' noticeboard; but should raise awareness of EGRA.

Visit to Police Museum (BP)
Will be advertised at AGM

7.30pm on 9 June 2010 at BP, 35 Kiln Road.