Minutes of Committee Meeting
Winter 2000/01

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Thursday 15th February 2001

Present: Mr Paul Gallagher, Mrs Jill Verran, Mrs Margaret Ormonde, Mr B Warren , Mr W Goodworth, Mr D Miles, Mr W Harper, Mrs A Ayres, Mr R Cruickshank

1 Apologies
Mrs S Ballard, Mrs V Bodman, Mr G Goldsmith.

Bob Cruickshank was welcomed to the meeting as an observer who will formally join the committee when Bill Goodworth steps down at the neat AGM.

2 Minutes of the last meeting (23 November 2000) were approved.

3 Matters arising

Grove Road development
Bill Goodworth had given evidence at the appeal hearing on 12 December 2000 and informed the meeting of the salient points. Notification of the appeal's dismissal had been published on 31 January 2001 in which the inspector gave the reasons for the dismissal. The only remaining course open to the appellants was to take the matter to the High Court and it was doubted that they would take such action.

Re-routing of Bugs Bottom footpath
Paul Gallagher had given evidence at the Planning Applications Committee on 10 January 200. However, the application had been approved subject to a Legal Agreement. The Open Spaces Society had contacted EGRA to enquire whether there was sufficient support if the OSS took the matter to appeal but it was thought that the chance of over turning the decision was remote.

Village sign
It was reported that 67 responses from 301 issued had been returned. There were 55 for and 12 against. Five responses expressed concern about vandalism. Only two responses were against because of cost. It was felt that this was an insufficient mandate to proceed. 1-lowever, it was noted that KBC monies through the North Area Consultative Committee may be available in the next financial year to support this project. The unsightly skip and an overflow of refuse bags near the seat at the pond was discussed.. It was agreed that a letter, together with a photograph, from EGRA to Balfours' head office be sent asking for the skip to be placed elsewhere.

Millennium Project - Emmer Green book
The status was reviewed:

Brian Warren had been unable to find anyone with a photograph of the Emmer Green football team. The chairman agreed to write to long-standing resident Ted Smith to see if he could help.

David Miles would be visiting the Records Office in Castle Hill to research the church hall.

Paul Gallagher said he would chase Sgt Matt Gray re: the law & order section plus Bill Mander for any information on St Agnes on Grove Hill.

Bill Harper said that he knew some of the previous organisers of the Guides and would talk to them. Jill Verran agreed to research early material ( 1930s onward) on the Gardeners Arms and the Black Horse pubs.

It was suggested that there should be a three tier sale price for the book. A pre-sale price, a member's price and a cover price. A cash flow and pricing structure would be prepared by Bill Harper. It was agreed that a book launch should be held on either 17 or 24 November 2001. The next special meeting; to discuss progress would be held on Wednesday 28 March at 20 Kidmore End Road.

Safer Routes to Schools Project
A letter had been received in response to the EGRA view that waiting restrictions should be part of the plans. However, this was a different pot of RBC money and they seemed unable to bring the two aspects together! It was noted that Emmer Green Primary School was to be extended and this would result in extra vehicles of the construction company and ultimately more parents' vehicles. It was recognised that the situation would only get worse.

EGRA had made a strong representation to the RBC Health committee and had received a response that promised that the facility would not be closed until satisfactory alternative respite premises were available and in use. It was noted that as soon as Heathcroft is closed EGRA should ask RBC through their councillors for information on any development proposals.
4 The Treasurer's Report: This was circulated and showed an increase in funds to £2,298.75. It was agreed that the auditor's report on the Millennium grant for the exhibition should be presented at the AGM as well as the Association's annual accounts. The treasurer noted that income will be low in 2001 because many subscriptions are paid up for several years ahead.

5 Committees feedback

North Reading Youth Project
The next meeting was not until 1 March and there had been no progress in resolving the matter of the constitution and guidelines for the project.

Safer Caversham Forum
The chairman reported that a letter had been received from the forum chairman informing EGRA that none of their suggestions fell within their safety remit and had not been supported. Suggestions from the ward councillors for additional street lights between Knights Way and the Pond and between Stuart Close and Surley Row had been supported. The next meeting was on 6 March.

RBC North Area Consultative Committee
The next meeting was not until 8 March.

6 Any Other Business

Precinct Car Park
Apart from the potholes having not been repaired it was noted that some of the lights were still not repaired. A letter would be sent to the property agents and the ward councillors.

Proposed development in Kidmore End Road
A proposal to demolish houses 74 & 76 and build a small estate off Kidmore End Road had been received. The land belongs to the Ivens family and previous concern had been expressed by an adjacent householder about the trees on this land. Concern was expressed about the additional traffic entering Kidmore End Road, which is narrow and already congested. It was agreed that on these grounds a letter of objection should be sent to RBC Planning.

Annual General Meeting
Thursday 26 April 2001 and all office holders agreed to stand again.

Highdown recycling facility
The approach surface was very bad; a letter would be sent to RBC and would also make note of the poor state of the Clayfield Copse car park.

Flooding at Grove Road and at Kiln Road
A letter would be sent to RBC.

Litter around the perimeter of Highdown School
A letter would be sent to the headteacher.

Tredegar Road surface
Following a letter from RBC that the road would be inspected no further progress had been made to make good the surface; a follow up letter would be sent to RBC.

Queen's Jubilee
It was agreed that thoughts on EGRA celebrating this event should be deferred until next year and RBC and other residents' groups be approached to hold a combined affair.

EGRA web site
The secretary offered to look into setting up a site for the Association.

Date and venue of the next meeting
8:00 pm Thursday, 10 May 2001 at 37 Kidmore End Road.