"Emmer Green Remembered"

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In 2002 EGRA collaborated in the making of a video record of Emmer Green and its people. The final content and editing were done by the film-makers, Business Video Solutions. Originally produced in video format, the film partnership has now digitally re-mastered the video into a DVD format, and this is now available for sale at Caversham Library at £9.99 [or directly from Business Video Solutions].
The DVD, which is approximately 60 minutes long, includes: -
Personal experiences from Emmer Green residents, including the late Bill Goodworth and Mrs Esme Ellingham; an interview with Ms Bet Tickner, the then Duty Editor, Customer Services at the BBC Monitoring Station; Friends of Clayfield Copse at one of their monthly environmental work parties, and
Emmer Green residents enjoying themselves, at the Highdown Show.